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hank you for visiting this site and taking the time to understand the complexities of child support formulas. Child Service Policies’ primary goal is simple: to remove the mystery from the calculation of child support and reveal the financial and economic assumptions that underlie the final support payment. Currently, CSP is focusing on Michigan and Indiana but will be adding analysis for more states going forward.

Many parents and legal professionals intuitively understand that in most cases support payments are just plain wrong. However, few have the background or the time and resources required to analyze their state formula directly and understand why their intuition may correct.

Any child support formula is best understood by simply looking at the numbers behind the final amount. Use the advanced support calculator. It will tell you far more than the payment.

Use the Advanced Michigan Child Support Calculator

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Use the Advanced Indiana Child Support Calculator

compare_icon compare_icon Current vs. Proposed Methods Compare the current way certain factors are handled with the new way the developing model will handle those same factors.
calculator_icon calculator_icon Custom child support calculator Instantaneous custom results show you the assumptions behind monthly support payments as calculated by the Michigan Child Support Formula.