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Michigan Child Support Glossary

This glossary of terms related to matters of Michigan Child Support will help you better understand what each term means and how they may affect your situation. Click on the term to expand the definition.

Don't be satisfied with support calculators that only tell you the amount. Use the detailed Michigan Child Support Calculator.

Disclaimer - By using this calculator you acknowledge that no content is considered legal advice. All entries are based on Support Studies' views and interpretation of the Michigan Legal Code and Michigan Child Support Guidelines. Support Studies accepts no liability with respect to use of the child support glossaries or calculators. Always consult an attorney.

+ Alimony - Michigan

+ Cost-Free Overnight - Michigan

+ Extraordinary Medical Expenses - Michigan

+ Low Income Threshold - Michigan

+ Low Income Transition - Michigan

+ Net Income - Michigan

+ Ordinary Medical Expenses - Michigan

+ Overnight - Michigan

+ Parental Time Offset - Michigan

+ Total Base Support Obligation - Michigan

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