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This is a sample result for our Michigan Child Support Calculator.

Click here to use our Michigan Child Support Calculator and see the results for your case.Don't be satisfied with Child Support Calculators that only tell you the support amount.






This is an example calculation. To see the same details for your case, go to our Michigan Child Support Calculator.


This is a sample Child Support calculation.

Click here to use our Michigan Child Support Calculator.

By using this calculator you expressly acknowledge that:
  1. No content is considered legal advice. Always consult an attorney.
  2. All content is based on Support Studies' views and interpretations of Michigan child support laws and the Michigan Child Support Guideline that took effect January 1, 2013.
  3. The greatest care has been taken for accuracy relative to the default Michigan Child Support Formula. However, your results as determined by the State of Michigan may be different than the results presented here.

The Payment

The bottom line monthly child support payment is $985.79

This includes:
1) A base support payment of $806.00.
2) A payment toward Ordinary Medical Expenditures of $29.79.
3) A reduction of $50.00 net for insurance premiums.
4) An additional $200.00 net for child care expenses.

Where does that number come from?

Expenses as estimated by Michigan

Michigan estimates the (total base support amount) at $1,668.69. The total base support is the amount the state estimates would have gone to child rearing in a two-parent family with your mix of incomes and 2 children. This is before any spending on medical or childcare.

The state formula credits you with 98.30% of that amount, $1,640.32 each month, or $19,683.79 annually.

He is credited with 1.70% of the base support amount, or $28.37 in child rearing expenses each month. This is equal to his monthly Parenting Time Offset.

Reaching a Net Payment

Michigan credits you with spending $1,640.32 of the base child support amount each month. He contributes 50.00% of that, or $820.16.

Michigan credits him with $28.37 of the base support amount each month. You contribute 50.00% of that, or $14.19.

His 'payment' to you less your 'payment' to him equals the monthly base payment before medical and child care. That is:

$820.16 - $14.19 = $806.00

Average Daily Share of Base Support

If he had 0 overnights, his monthly base child support payment before medical and child care would be $834.34. Because he has 75 overnights, his monthly base support payment is adjusted down to $806.00.

Expressed daily, Michigan credits you with spending an average of $67.88 each of 290 days with the children. This is for the children, and over and above your own personal cost of living.

He is credited with $4.54 of the base support amount for each of 75 days with the children, or $2.27 per child.

What About Food?

By comparison, the 2012 USDA estimated moderate-cost food menu for 2 children is $17.02. In other words, each day the children are with him, you save approximately $17.02 and he spends $17.02 on food for the children.

And After Food?

After USDA estimated moderate-cost food expenditures, you have $50.86 remaining of your portion of the total base support amount for each of 290 days. After food expenditures, he has -$12.48 remaining of his Parenting Time Offset credit, or -$6.24 per child each of 75 days. Annually, that is -$936.01 left of his Parenting Time Offset for the year after food expenditures.

Ordinary Medical

In addition to the base support amount, you are credited with an additional $59.58 in ordinary medical expenses each month. He pays 50.0% of this amount, bringing the monthly child support payment with ordinary medical to $835.79.

Including ordinary medical, your state-estimated child rearing budget now averages $70.34 each of 290 days.

Medical Premiums

You share responsibility for Medical Insurance Premiums.

Because you pay $0.00 in insurance premiums for the children each month and he pays $100.00 payments are adjusted as follows.

You contribute 50.00% of his expenditures on child-related medical premiums, or $50.00.

This brings the monthly support payment after base support, ordinary medical and insurance premiums to $785.79.

Child Care

You share responsibility for Child Care expenditures.

Because you pay $400.00 in child care each month and he pays $0.00 payments are adjusted as follows.

He contributes 50.00% of your child care expenditures, or $200.00.

This brings the monthly support payment after base support, ordinary medical, insurance premiums and child care to $985.79.

Go On.

Alright. If there are extraodinary medical expenses greater than $715.00 in a year, he pays 50.00% of that amount.

If medical expenses are less than $715.00, you keep the difference.

What Are The Stakes?

Hypothetically, if these parents had equal time with the children, what is the difference between perfectly equal time and an extra 12 days each year (one day per month) for one of the parents?

At a theoretically perfect split of 182.5 days, each parent is credited with 50% of the total base support amount of $1,668.69.

If one parent is granted 12 days more than equal time, the state formula calculates that parent requires $325.56 more than the other parent each month in base child rearing expenditures, for one day above equal time per month.

Annually, that is a gap of $3,906.74 for one day per month more than equal time.

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